The same rigorous analysis and skill that make us good at finding and acquiring promising target companies, enable us to identify the path to increase valuations post acquisition. Our process is fundamentally driven, focusing on asset coverage and free cash flow, with an emphasis on capital preservation.

We invest in companies with enterprise value between $50 – $750 million. Our downside protections are particularly effective in the small- to mid-capitalization arena. We believe in an opportunistic and flexible strategy, allowing us to take advantage of sector driven dislocations or idiosyncratic situations, which are more common in smaller companies.

When identifying targets, we engage in a rigorous analysis of the target’s operational, financial, and liquidity risks, and whether resolving the identified challenges is likely to achieve adequate valuation. We invest in companies with long-term attractive value, based on comparison to competitors and historical valuation. We target the fulcrum security and analyze the risk and return to ensure the likelihood of conversion into equity, as it aligns with NGA’s return objectives.

Through the restructuring process, we are able to secure the control and contractual rights needed to manage companies through post-restructuring fluctuations, and to implement changes or make additional capital investments when necessary. We work with management and structure negotiations to maximize the financial benefits and improve the overall competitive position of the business. As a board member or large stakeholder, we engage with management and other stakeholders to ensure successful strategies.

Experienced and Cohesive Team

The Newport Global Advisors team has expertise across the leveraged finance markets and extensive experience in capital restructurings and bankruptcy reorganization. Our Principals have over 65 years of combined experience investing predominantly in the high yield, distressed debt and alternative asset markets.

Our Team